farmer with ipad

Who We Are


We enjoy working together to fix things, whether we’re repairing a planter in the shop or helping farmers choose tech that solves their problems.


Each team member has an area they’re passionate about. We have a big team and a go-to person for every product and service we offer.

Meet Our Team

Alex Benorden

Alex is the point man for shop projects. He can be working on multiple projects at once and somehow keep it all straight. Cruise through the shop sometime and see his signature smile.

Alicia Gay

Alicia does invoicing, ordering, and customer communications. She is known as “the principal” because she keeps all the shop guys in line. She’s also a quite successful chicken farmer.

Brennan White

Brennan keeps our seed operation organized and is the maestro of the seed treater. He’d deliver seed on a dirt bike if he could.

Cody Boeck

Cody heads up the seed team and does some marketing stuff on the side. On the weekends you’ll find him sitting at a craft brewery sipping on an IPA.

Jeremy Gumaer

Jeremy is naturally gifted at speaking the chemical language. He is our go-to guy for all things chem and also works with the seed side of things. He does outdoorsy stuff and always seems to have access to cured meats.

Jerry Boeck

Jerry keeps the property looking good, helps coordinate workflows and priorities, and generally picks up the slack where it’s needed. He’s also very good at scheming up ways to get out and ride his Harley.

David Gay



Need to tear apart an engine? Ask David. Want some help building cabinets? Ask David. Unsure how to do …almost anything? You should probably ask David. 

Teresa Boeck

Teresa keeps the office in shape, does the tedious bookkeeping stuff, and keeps us well-fed. You can’t miss her when she drives by in her bright yellow Jeep Wrangler.

Wayne Broman

Wayne is Mr. Precision Planting. He sells it, services it, and generally spreads the good news about it near and far. He is thankful for boats, campers, and Bluetooth headsets.

Dwight Gentzler



Dwight is a veteran in chem and seed sales and comes with a wealth of agronomic expertise. He enjoys hunting and fishing and is a big Husker sports fan.